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DIY Adorable Christmas Tree Skirt

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I just came across the most adorable Christmas tree skirt ever – and it’s a DIY!!

The two lovely ladies form Do It Yourself Divas have posted a step-by-step tutorial for how to make this sweet burlap and lace tree skirt!



Wouldn’t that be gorgeous to have under your tree?! So romantic and pretty! ❤

Plus, they just said that they are willing to sell them if you don’t have the time to make it! Check out the details on their site..

Homemade Chalkboard Paint

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When we moved into our new duplex, the first thing I loved about it was the HUGE kitchen! Then I noticed the all open cupboards, which was exciting yet terrifying. I don’t have pretty matching glassware for all my cooking and baking supplies, so what was I going to do? Of course, the crafty girl in me had a plan! Smile 

I saved all the mason and glass jars we had to fill with our bulk dry cooking and baking goods.  I could envision creating an eclectic cohesion of these assorted jars by painting the tops black and adding a chalkboard design to the side to label! I could see it already..

In the mean time, this is what my jars looked like: (warning – not pretty!)


So I took all the lids off (grouped in order so I could put them back on easily) and spread them out on newspaper. After wiping with a damp cloth, they were ready.


To make the homemade chalkboard paint (which I decided to do on the lids too), you simply mix 1 cup flat latex paint with 2 TBSP of non-sanded grout (which you can find at home depot). Simply mix it all together until mostly smooth. This stuff does slowly get thicker over time, so I would recommend only doing smaller amounts at a time, then making more as you need to for further coats.


I used a small sponge brush and did a thin coat on the top and sides of the lids. The key is multiple thin layers. Allow the paint to completely dry, then lightly sand with fine grit sandpaper (I used 320) before adding another coat.


I found my lids to be good after 3 coats. I had some paint left over, so I added a couple vases and did a practice rectangle on a wine jug.


Lightly sand the finished products and give each piece a quick rub with some white chalk to prime to chalkboard. Wipe with a damp cloth and you are ready to draw!


Here’s their exposed hideout – doesn’t that look better together already?!


Just imagine how good they’ll look once they have the sides done up pretty as well.


For now we just labeled them with chalk on the top, but eventually we’ll label on the side with chalk paints, which won’t wipe off as easily.


The first couple lids I painted were too thick of layers, which is obvious when trying to write on them. See the difference between my spout seeds (“Sprout Me”) and the wheat berries? Much smoother surface. I have extra lids that I painted so I can switch those out.


While I was at it, I also painted the lids to my spice rack. Again, these will be much easier to write small and look prettier with the chalk paint pens that we are ordering.



I tell ya – once you start with the chalkboard paint, it gets addicting! You’ll want to cover everything you own in a chalkboard! Open-mouthed smile  I’ll post a picture when I finish the sides for the overall effect, simply ran out of time today!

Feel free to ask any questions or to share what fun things you chalkboard up!