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Life Inspiration

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Open your mind, experience the unknown, let yourself be a little bit scared.

Go beyond your comfort, talk to strangers, keep your eyes open; learn.

Then, even if you end up back where you started, you will have lived.

Part 2 -the Olympic Peninsula

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This area is so gorgeous, it’s hard not to fall in love with it! If I didn’t have the plane tickets already booked, not sure if I would have left.. Smile Here’s my attempt to capture  the amazingness:

Ferry ride from Seattle to the beginning of our roadtrip (yep, I’m double-fisting that coffee)


They just pack the cars in like sardines, then we drive off once we float across to the opposite road!




We detoured to La Push beach & its amazing islands for lunch!

IMG_4244  IMG_4245

Of course, we had to stop in Forks! Smile Amazing what a little book can do to an unknown area..


And the lengths they go to use that bit of fame:



The HOH rainforest is so awesomely green! Everything is covered in moss..

IMG_4280  IMG_4311

I mean everything!


Driving around Lake Quinalt, we watched the fog roll off the lake


We also found waterfalls, word-record sized trees, AND had our first Washington rainfall = <3!







So in LOVE with this place! If you haven’t visited the Olympic Peninsula before, you simply must! Definitely on our list of possible places to move in the future!



Oh and if you need a place to stay near Olympia, this B&B style house is amazing (and awesomely cheap!) I had so much fun staying here, plus she is such a good baker!




I’m not in San Diego anymore..

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The hubs and I are taking a little trip, can anybody guess where we’re at?? A few picture hints:


-I get to wear boots AND leaves actually change color/fall here..


-We’re drinking LOTS of this good stuff..


-We ran into this big guy under a bridge..


-This fountain entertained us for a good half hour..




Any guesses yet?? Alright, here’s a couple big hints..




-There’s a BIG public market here..


-There’s this big tower that keeps popping up in all my pictures..


-Its been a bit grey/rainy as well..



Know where we’re at now? Smile