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My Favorite Halloween Costume Yet!

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First off, a quick update on my foot! Today I got a second set of xrays taken on the doctor’s request, as I’m still in quite a bit of pain when I move my toes or try to walk. He says the xrays seem to be clear, so the doc put me in a walking cast/boot for the next week and a half at least. Apparently that horse got me good and my foot is just taking its sweet time to heal.

In the meantime, this is my daily setup:


Always with a cat nearby to give me some loving! 🙂

Alright, its now time to show off our Halloween costumes! Every year my hubs and I go all out for our costumes, always handmade and we aim for originality. (also usually made using some combination of duct tape and cardboard Smile)

First up, some past years costumes!

  • 2008: Bender and Leela (from Futurama)


  • 2009: Jack Skellington and mine is a fun illusion – being carried in a pot by a witch

IMG_5438_cropped          IMG_5436-2


  • 2010: Daphne & Shaggy (plus the whole Scooby Doo Gang)




Aaaand that brings us to this year’s costume! I LOVE it cuz it is so much fun, and will definitely do some variation of this again (when my foot is healed – who cares if it’s not Halloween then?!) Smile


  • 2011: Glow Stick Skeleton & Witch!

Here’s with the lights on:


And with the lights off:


And a bit of a dance photo shoot began Smile

IMG_4710  IMG_4713  IMG_4714










Here’s a little video of us practicing our glowing moves (my left leg glowstick wasn’t working at this point–we had to switch it out) **Watch the end–its my favorite part! 🙂


We had a blast dressing up – the only thing to remember is that you need to be in a dark place to really show off the costume. I think ours was shown off best when we were just walking/dancing down the dark street!

Question: What is your favorite costume you saw this year or have ever dressed up as?