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Welcome Miss Tessa!

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I’ve been waiting for a loooong time to get a dog and I’ve finally convinced the hubby that the time is right!! After a couple days spent searching..

I’d like you meet the new lady in the house: Tessa!


Tessa is a one year old shepherd mix from a rescue.  Smile  She’s full grown at 34 pounds, though we’re still not quite sure what she’s mixed with!

image (60)

She loves to curl up in the smallest ball possible, and has claimed the cat’s old bed as her own, which is probably the cutest thing I’ve ever seen (not that I’m biased..)

image (62.5)

She’s working on making friends with the kitties, but that’s a slow process. They just don’t understand her way of playing and think swatting is fun (which Tessa doesn’t quite agree with..)

*Fun fact: Until I got a dog, I had trained both my cats to do tricks. They know how to sit, shake, stand up on their hind feet, turn around, and lay down! Smile


Tessa has endless energy and loves to hike, play fetch, and especially play with other dogs! We’re taking training classes, which are going fantastic as long as other dogs aren’t around to distract her.. Just too excited to make friends, this little one!

Love her to pieces already! ❤

Has anybody else rescued a dog from a shelter or rescue organization??