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The Beginning

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Hello! Welcome to my new blog, Lost Yarn Loft!

What (you might ask) does the name “lost yarn loft”actually mean?

Good question (thanks for asking Smile ). “Lost yarn” is what I call the yarn I gain from taking apart secondhand sweaters and carefully unraveling them.  The “loft” refers to my space – where I keep this ever growing collection of yarn and my workspace for crocheting new products for my etsy store (Grand Opening set for Oct 15th 2011!).

IMG_3004—–>  IMG_3020

Before                                                                    After         


I’ll do a how-to post soon about the process of re-gaining the lost yarn (it can be tricky and I have a few helpful tips to make it MUCH easier). Meanwhile, here’s a few details people often wonder about the lost yarn:

  • I only buy sweaters in good condition (no holes, stains, or obvious signs of wear)
  • I always make sure a sweater feels nice next to my skin
  • Once I unravel it, the yarn is soaked in hot water and thoroughly washed with detergent to remove any lingering aromas or dirt
  • Next I often hand-dye the yarn using Kool-aid (which will be a future post as well)
  • Then the yarn is again washed, air dried, and finally wrapped into a ball

Some people might think that seems like a lot of work to simply get yarn you could just buy at a store. While it certainly does involve a bit of work, it definitely is worth it to me. –> I try to live eco-consciously and am always thinking craftily (as well as being a bit cheap..). This re-gaining yarn from unwanted sweaters definitely fits all three of those, so its right up my alley!

It makes me feel good to reuse a product that was discarded simply because it was the wrong color, size, or had gone out of fashion. So I see it as a fun project to take an “ugly sweater” and turn it in to a soft, comfy, and even trendy wearable! But my main desire is for the people who buy it to feel good about wearing it too!

Question for readers: Do you try to be eco-friendly? Share an example of what you do to help make a difference