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In the Kitchen: Roasting Red Peppers

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While our summer garden is slowly dwindling down, we still have an abundance of red bell peppers. As delicious as they are, we aren’t eating them fast enough to save them all. So after a quick google search, I decided to make something I’ve wanted to for a long time –> roasted red peppers! & it’s really much simpler than you think..

Step 1: Grab all the peppers from your garden & fridge



Step 2: Remove stem and seeds, slice into quarters. Lay face down on an aluminum foil lined pan


Step 3: Place under broiler for 20-30 minutes, until skin is blackened and wrinkled

IMG_4067  IMG_4069

Step 4: Wrap peppers in the aluminum foil liner and fold closed. Let sit for 20 minutes


Step 5: Open foil and remove pepper skins – they should just slip right off

IMG_40721  IMG_40751

Step 6: Place roasted peppers in a sealable jar and keep in the fridge. That’s it!