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New Products, New Style

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It’s well known in my circle of friends and family that I love to crochet. And this means that whenever someone sees an item in a store that is knit or crocheted, they immediately send me a picture in excitement, saying “can you make this!?!”. Invariably I can work something out similar, which is probably just as exciting to me as it is to the person I make it for!  Smile 

Well, this recently happened with my friend going on about an adorable ribbed neckwarmer that closes with ruffled buttonholes. It seemed quite simple, but once I made the item I realized it was an area lacking in my store. I love circle cowls, but haven’t made any open neckwarmers with buttons. Or ruffles!

So I’ve been busting my butt perfecting the pattern and whipping these bad boys up for the store! I’m still searching for just the right buttons, then I’ll take better pics and list the items. But first, here’s a sneak peek at my new products!

I’m focusing on my basic, rich colors. Here are a few Christmas-inspired ones:


A closeup – see the pretty sparkle in the white/silver? LOVE!


And I’m busy making more deep winter colors to go with anything!


I aim to have them in the shop by this weekend!

*Also – keep an eye out for an upcoming announcement regarding this weekend’s Black Friday/Cyber Monday sales!!

Not Your Usual Christmas decorations..

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Decorate your home with a unique flair this year, all for $25 or less!

Guaranteed to be the talk of your friends and family! 🙂

Christmas Elf. Unusual art b…


Funny Christmas Card, Quirky…


Dark Green Monster Foot Holi…


The Boxer – Mustache Christm…


Santa Clauctopus Christmas O…


Desperate for Presents – Chr…


Christmas Kitsch Santa Cross…


Large Gold and Red Beaded Sp…


Green Toy Brick Christmas Ba…


Nutcracker – GingerDead Goth…


BREAKFASTmen Ornament


Santa Okra Ornaments


Recycled LightBULB Snowman S…


MATURE… Christmas Fetish ….


kewpie doll head gold glitte…


Great White Shark with Chris…


Treasury tool by Red Row Studio.

Elegant Christmas Decor

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I’ve been very into simple, elegant Christmas décor this year. So I gathered a collection that will add a classy Christmas feel to your home.






Thanks for looking!

*For the rest of the collection, click here. Enjoy!

Is it too early to listen to Christmas music??

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So, maybe I get a little too excited for it to be Christmas (I know, it’s barely November..), but when my mind decides it wants to hear Christmas music, who am I to argue?? I figured I could at least do a little search to see what new Christmas albums I have to look forward to this year. And that lead to me listening to Christmas music yesterday! Winking smile oops.. I told you I get excited about it!

But I do have good news to report – there are some very good looking albums to look forward to! Here’s my top 3 that I’m excited about:


#1) Michael Buble (those who know me will say this is obvious..)

This album is a gorgeous mix of the classic old songs, with a bit of Michael’s extra flair! Alright, lets be honest – he could sing children’s songs and I’d still swoon when I heard it.. 🙂   **Plus, check out his website for some behind-the-scenes videos of making the album and of the songs themselves!


#2) She & Him

This is such a fun take on what are often boring Christmas songs! Zooey Deschanel has such a unique voice that I just can’t stop listening to! Stop by their website for a short preview of all the songs on the album – it’ll definitely get you hooked!


#3) Jackie Evancho

Alright, to be honest, I had no idea who this little girl was until I found this Christmas album. But when I listened to her voice, I was completely blown away! She is 10 years old with possibly the most amazing voice I’ve ever heard! Jackie gained attention on America’s Got Talent, but her voice is definitely perfect for Christmas songs. Listen to a couple clips from the album on Amazon and she will take your breath away!


Those are my favorite I’ve found so far, but am always open to suggestions! So if you come across a new favorite yourself, please do share! Smile