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Please Recycle: Sighfoo & Pink Bunny Patterns

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The two Etsy stores featured in today’s Please Recycle both use similar materials, but both are so stinkin’ cute I couldn’t decide between them! Again, all materials in these stores are from recycled material.

Adorable recycled material.. Smile


The first store is called Sighfoo. All cute little stuffed animals are handmade from recycled wool sweaters and are adorably unique and full of character!



The second shop, Pink Bunny Patterns, is filled with fluffy Owl pillows and plush Scottie dogs. They have a huge variety to choose from and adorable little clutches too!

Please Recycle: Etsy Shop Showcase

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Since I have been preparing for the opening of my own recycled goods shop (LostYarnLoft), I have discovered so many other amazing Etsy stores that use only recycled materials!

*This will be a weekly showcase featuring unique, eco-friendly Etsy shops that you should definitely check out!



  • The first eco-friendly store is called Recycled Parts, filled with adorable handmade ornaments made from recycled sweaters and other reused materials!


  • The next store is by John Birdsong, called Recycled State. He uses discarded fence wood to make unique wall hangings and other wooden décor – so fun!



  • The next shop I’d like to share is MerchantShips. They felt wool and cashmere sweaters and make adorable, cozy mittens for all ages!





  • Lastly, I have a very unique store called Pic76. He uses old bottles to create beautiful glasses and vases! (I’ve actually given these as a gift too!)



I hope you enjoy these wonderful eco-friendly stores I found on Etsy and keep them in mind for gifts as the holidays roll around!

*And be sure to check back next Thursday for my next showcase! 🙂