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Elegant Christmas Decor

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I’ve been very into simple, elegant Christmas décor this year. So I gathered a collection that will add a classy Christmas feel to your home.






Thanks for looking!

*For the rest of the collection, click here. Enjoy!

Please Recycle: Etsy Shop Showcase

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Since I have been preparing for the opening of my own recycled goods shop (LostYarnLoft), I have discovered so many other amazing Etsy stores that use only recycled materials!

*This will be a weekly showcase featuring unique, eco-friendly Etsy shops that you should definitely check out!



  • The first eco-friendly store is called Recycled Parts, filled with adorable handmade ornaments made from recycled sweaters and other reused materials!


  • The next store is by John Birdsong, called Recycled State. He uses discarded fence wood to make unique wall hangings and other wooden décor – so fun!



  • The next shop I’d like to share is MerchantShips. They felt wool and cashmere sweaters and make adorable, cozy mittens for all ages!





  • Lastly, I have a very unique store called Pic76. He uses old bottles to create beautiful glasses and vases! (I’ve actually given these as a gift too!)



I hope you enjoy these wonderful eco-friendly stores I found on Etsy and keep them in mind for gifts as the holidays roll around!

*And be sure to check back next Thursday for my next showcase! 🙂