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Welcome Miss Tessa!

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I’ve been waiting for a loooong time to get a dog and I’ve finally convinced the hubby that the time is right!! After a couple days spent searching..

I’d like you meet the new lady in the house: Tessa!


Tessa is a one year old shepherd mix from a rescue.  Smile  She’s full grown at 34 pounds, though we’re still not quite sure what she’s mixed with!

image (60)

She loves to curl up in the smallest ball possible, and has claimed the cat’s old bed as her own, which is probably the cutest thing I’ve ever seen (not that I’m biased..)

image (62.5)

She’s working on making friends with the kitties, but that’s a slow process. They just don’t understand her way of playing and think swatting is fun (which Tessa doesn’t quite agree with..)

*Fun fact: Until I got a dog, I had trained both my cats to do tricks. They know how to sit, shake, stand up on their hind feet, turn around, and lay down! Smile


Tessa has endless energy and loves to hike, play fetch, and especially play with other dogs! We’re taking training classes, which are going fantastic as long as other dogs aren’t around to distract her.. Just too excited to make friends, this little one!

Love her to pieces already! ❤

Has anybody else rescued a dog from a shelter or rescue organization??

My Missing Kitty

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This week has definitely not gone as I planned! Of course I already posted about the flu that took me down, but no sooner had I uploaded that adorable picture (seriously, look how sweet my cuddly cat is!) than something even worse happens – that cute, lover of a cat disappeared! One minute he was cozying up with me, keeping my toes warm, next minute both cats are gone!

The door had accidently been left baaaarely ajar and the cats finally noticed it right before my hubs got home. Ozzie (the orange cat) is quite timid in new situations, so he will only go about 5 feet from the house before running back in terror – so its not too worrisome when he gets out. But Vander (the cuddler in that picture) fancies himself an adventurer. So even though we were out looking for him within 15 minutes of the escape, he was nowhere near ready to come inside! No way was he going to respond to our slightly frantic calls or let us know where he was hiding. It was adventure time.

Fast forward to the next day. I have spent most of the day worrying about my little kitty, making any excuse to go outside and call for him –the only response I got was the barking of the neighbor dogs. I even made a last ditch effort (and looked like quite a fool I’m sure) of walking all around neighborhood as the sun went down, shaking a canister of food and calling him in my silly high-pitched cat-calling voice! By the time the sun went down (and I heard the coyotes howling in the not too far off distance) I dissolved into tears, knowing that my sweet little indoor kitty couldn’t make it another night out there.

But when the hubs came home, I convinced him to come with me for one more search before bed. We passed the neighbor taking his dogs out on a walk as we began the search. I headed towards the front, the hubs to the back. Suddenly I heard him excitedly shout my name and then the happiest sound I could have heard – a loud, unmistakable meow repeating from the back.  I tore back there to find my sweet little boy stuck in the neighbors dog kennel! No wonder the dogs were barking at me earlier and no wonder the cat didn’t respond during the day!

He came inside and acted completely nonchalant about being home again, while I couldn’t help but pour over every little thing he did. “Ooh look how cute he is cleaning himself!” “Ooh he just flopped down under the tree like he belongs there!” “Ooh look -he wants me to pet him!” Seriously, it was a bit pathetic! But my heart is just so happy having him home – we are complete again! 🙂 Call me a crazy cat lady if you will, I don’t mind! Other pet owners understand… right?!

And since all that excitement, today my little adventurer has been really busy:




Red heart  Welcome Home Vandy!

Funny Kitty of the Day

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Ozzie’s new favorite way to lay – missing an arm?!?


I found him sitting like that twice tonight out of the blue. Cracks me up every time I look at this photo!


Haha but don’t worry – he’s still got all his limbs..  🙂


Crazy Cats: Melancholy Ozzie

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All day long yesterday Ozzie moped around the house, with no apparent energy to do anything.

He looked out the window, sighing.

He flipped, and flopped, unable to get comfortable.

He looked at me, he looked at the other cat. He meowed a pathetic little kitty mew.

It was just that kind of day.

I understand little kitty. I understand.