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keep Those Tootsies Warm!

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The weather is going to start cooling down soon, so make sure to keep your little toes warm and cozy all winter long! I’ve had this Mary Jane Slipper pattern bookmarked for a long time and have given these as gifts for many years now!

The pattern is pretty basic, just continue to try it on your foot as you’re making it for the best fit. Then change the colors, add buttons, straps or embroidery – feel free to make it your own! And if you do make a pair, I’d love to see a picture or link in the comments section!

*Just be warned – everybody that will see your slippers will be begging you to make a pair for them! 🙂



Pattern: Birdie Decoration

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I stumbled across two of the cutest crochet patterns I have ever seen, and they both happen to be free! (yay!) I’ve made them both and LOVE them to bits! Enjoy! Smile

These two love bunnies are adorable beyond words! Wonderful as Valentines presents or change the colors to fit whatever occasion you decide!


And this little birdie is perfect as a Christmas decoration or just to brighten your home or office! Change the colors to whatever makes you happy