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Insane Halloween Ideas

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Halloween is less than a week away and I finally figured out what I’m going to be! I don’t want to ruin the surprise (don’t worry – I’ll share pictures after) but it does fit under homemade and it will be AWESOME! 🙂

That said, I had been perusing Halloween blog posts to find the perfect costume and came across a couple Halloween related ideas that were too amazing to not share!

  • First up is the amazing pumpkin sculptings done by Ray at Villa Fane Studios. He is an unbelievable artist – the faces look like actual people and the detail is incredible! Go to his studio and check out the rest of his work!



  • Next up is a creepy party food that will have guests squirming in their seats – but the brave will be in for a yummy surprise! These are actually easy to make, simply follow directions here and viola! Awesomely creepy finger food!


  • You can’t have creepy party food without a skull! A cream cheese dip and colored soy sauce makes this a perfect centerpiece for your party! Yikes..


  • Lastly, for those of you with smaller children looking for not-so-creepy Halloween decorations to make, this banner is adorable and a great way to get in the spirit without being scary! It’s quite simple to make and you can change the colors up to fit any theme!