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The Flu has Taken Me DOwn

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Hey everybody! Sorry I haven’t posted for a while – I seem to have caught the flu that just doesn’t want to go away! So here’s what my days lately have consisted of:


Sleep. Lots and lots of sleep! And always with a cuddly kitty! My two kitties are always there for me (now if only I could teach them to make me soup..)  But I do think they like me better when I’m sick.. 🙂

Store wise – I did finish the new products I was planning on putting up before last weekend, but haven’t quite felt up to a photo shoot. Nobody want’s to see that sick mug up there ^^ wearing an item they want to buy!

But soon *cross my fingers* I’ll be feeling better and get those pictures taken and new products posted! Anyway, just wanted to let you know why I’ve been missing the last couple days! I’ll be back to regular posting soon!


NOT Broken!

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Quick update on my foot:

After my visit with the doctor yesterday, he gave me the news that my foot is NOT broken! Yay!!

It’s just quite bruised and swollen with ‘crush injuries’ he said. So I’ll be using crutches and a splint for a while, then have it in a walking boot for a couple weeks until it heals up. So, although had actually psyched myself up to look forward to getting a pretty bright cast, this is much better and easier!

Minor Setback

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So I’m pretty lucky I had my photoshoot for all my products the other day, because I had a minor setback yesterday at work. It involved a very large, excited horse and my poor right foot. And let me just say that the horse definitely won..

  • This was about 5 minutes after being stomped on, I could barely get my boot off!



  • After visiting the urgent care I got a new pair of crutches and a pretty splint. Today I’ll find out the official diagnosis from the radiologists, but the doc said its most likely broken :/

image (43)


  • Feeling a bit crappy at the end of the day, all I wanted was some loving and so my boys all piled on me for a good cuddle session! Smile


image (42)


On the plus side, I guess this means I’ll have more time to blog while I’m stuck on the couch recovering! I just feel a bit helpless and reliant on the hubs, especially since this is the first bone I’ve ever broken!

I’ll be back later for a quick update after I see the doc, wish me luck!

Russian Unicorn

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Today was a rare rainy day in SoCal, but perfect for cozying up with my kitties. Of course, I also did some perusing of the internets, and came across lots of awesome finds I must share for a perfect rainy day!

First, I have a MAJOR thing for Michael Buble, and was just cracking up over this video! Once you watch it, check out the original to hear the voice that makes me swoon every time.. 🙂

While drinking this:


Snacking on these (perfect host snack!)

Cuddling up with this (it’s from my dreams, I swear!)

And getting lost in a good book!


So, I’m Kind-of a Farm Girl..

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I haven’t talked too much on here yet about what it is I do (besides crocheting/crafting). Well, it may surprise you, but I actually work on a horse ranch! (in the middle of San Diego!)

image (29)



Yes, this picture is taken from the roof of my house, overlooking the ranch Smile





I am from a small town in MN, near Fargo ND(yes like the movie). Some of my family are grain farmers, so I grew up helping out on the farm, working in the fields driving combine, and of course – taking care of the horses! I loved horses from an early age (then again, what girl doesn’t). But that love never changed as I grew up, and by college I knew that I wanted a career working with horses.

 image (1)









Circa 1998                                                               2011


Moving to CA meant leaving those horses I loved dearly, so I knew I had to find a place here to, as I call it, get my horse-fix! And even better, I found it in a paying job, with an available house to rent!

IMG_2907 IMG_3181

So now I look out my window and see horses AND I just walk to work!  definitely win-win for me!

image (30)IMG_1690image (9)







I love my job and feel lucky everyday to be able to do it. I mean, look at my daily view! (yep, that’s the hubs, learning to ride!)

image (26)

  IMG_3684image (4)









Question for readers: What were you passionate about when you were younger that has stuck with you to now?