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About Me

Hello! Welcome to the Lost Yarn Loft!

<–That’s me!

I’m Kaisa, a 20-something Minnesota girl (at heart) currently living in the San Diego sunshine.  After graduating from the University of MN Morris, I packed everything I owned into a tiny u-haul and set off across the country with the most amazing guy I know (–>that drive was an adventure for another day!)


A year and a half ago he finally put a ring on it and we had a perfect little wedding on the beach.  We now live with our two crazy cats on the horse ranch I where “work” (aka: get my horse-fix).

We strive to live a simple life:

  • We’re vegetarian
  • Have a garden to grow our own organic produce
  • Compost/recycle – try to throw away as little as possible
  • LOVE thrift stores – majority of our furnishings/clothes are thrifted!
  • We make our own wine (ok, maybe that one doesn’t simplify life, but it sure makes it more fun! & easy to make friends.. 🙂 )

Lost Yarn Loft, the store

So it all started at Christmas-time, my sophomore year of college. I was loving college life, but completely broke and overwhelmed by all the presents I needed. Now, I am somewhat of a craft-aholic. (Yea, I’m one of those people always saying, “They want how much for that?! I can TOTALLY make it myself”.) Anywho.. So of course, I decided my best bet was to make gifts instead of buying them.

It is cold in MN (in case you didn’t know) so I figured everybody I knew could use a cozy, new scarf.  One trip to the craft store for yarn and an e-how article was all it took for me to become hooked on crocheting (get it-hooked? ha!). Ever since then, crocheting has been a HUGE passion of mine.

After hearing countless people tell me I should sell my creations, I finally decided the time is right. I combined my desire for being eco-friendly with my love of cozy, crocheted wears to create my Etsy store, LostYarnLoft.

–>I unravel secondhand sweaters with care, to re-gain what I call lost yarn. This lost yarn is thoroughly washed and often hand-dyed, then is used to create every product featured in my shop. My goal is to provide unique comfy, quality products that you can also feel good about wearing. 

Lost Yarn Loft, the blog

Crafts permeate to all aspects of my life, so this blog is where I share the variety of crafty ideas that excite me. Occasionally I disclose some behind-the-scenes workings of my shop and give sneak peeks at new products. I offer free crochet patterns, tutorials for household DIY’s, and ideas to simplify and green your life. I do my best to share fun Etsy finds and lots of pictures that inspire my crafty side (love me some Pinterest!). When I find free time, I also enjoy refashioning secondhand clothes to the latest trends, creating fun vegetarian meals, and baking delicious goodies.

So grab a cup of coffee and get comfy, there’s a lot to dive in to! 🙂

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  1. Hello!
    I’ve nominated you for the Versatile Blogger award.

    I hope you accept!

    Thank you for being a part of my day,


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