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Minor Setback

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So I’m pretty lucky I had my photoshoot for all my products the other day, because I had a minor setback yesterday at work. It involved a very large, excited horse and my poor right foot. And let me just say that the horse definitely won..

  • This was about 5 minutes after being stomped on, I could barely get my boot off!



  • After visiting the urgent care I got a new pair of crutches and a pretty splint. Today I’ll find out the official diagnosis from the radiologists, but the doc said its most likely broken :/

image (43)


  • Feeling a bit crappy at the end of the day, all I wanted was some loving and so my boys all piled on me for a good cuddle session! Smile


image (42)


On the plus side, I guess this means I’ll have more time to blog while I’m stuck on the couch recovering! I just feel a bit helpless and reliant on the hubs, especially since this is the first bone I’ve ever broken!

I’ll be back later for a quick update after I see the doc, wish me luck!


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