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The Joys of Growing Your Own Food

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As a crafter, I love to make things myself that other people might go out and buy. This inherent desire extends beyond crafting into the kitchen as well – I want to ‘make’ my own food in a garden! My husband and I recently moved to a house with a backyard large enough that it demanded we put in garden boxes and make our dreams come true!

After far too many trips to Home Depot and countless wheelbarrows full of dirt, we had 3 large raised garden boxes ready to be planted!  Of course we wanted to plant every possible thing, so these boxes were jam-packed full of seeds and plants.

Now this may seem a bit obsessive nerdy fanatic, but we were so excited about our garden that we took weekly photos to document its growth. For more dramatic purposes, I’ll just put up pictures from every couple weeks to show the huge amount of changes it undertook – cuz I swear our garden was on steroids! Smile

  • Here’s right after planting, mostly small plants and seeds.


  • Nearly a month later (it took the seeds some time to establish)


  • 2 weeks later (and the beginning of the steroid-like changes)


  • + 2 more weeks, the squash in the front begin to outgrow the box


  • + 2.5 weeks & the garden in its prime. The squash are taking up half the yard, the tall tomatoes in the middle are over 6 feet, taller than the poles they are growing on!



This garden has become our little miracle garden! We pride ourselves on having green thumbs (or at least my husband does), but this thing went beyond what we had even hoped for! Ok, now the question you’re thinking that really matters is: “but how much produce did you actually get from it?” Oh boy, let me tell you!

The following pictures are from 4 different weeks – we both went out with as many buckets as we could find, and picked tons of veggies at once. We then brought them back in and proceeded to cook our little hearts out!

IMG_3773   IMG_3771IMG_3772



Simple amazing! The tomatoes were never-ending, peppers were always plentiful, cucumbers more occasional, and we had more squash than we knew what to do with (of course, our neighbors benefitted from our overabundance too)!

I loved every bit of it, learned a ton, and can’t wait to do it again –> incidentally which, since we live in San Diego, we can start again right now! Smile


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  1. Wow!!! I am happy to answer your questions as per ur post on my blog… But looks like u got it figured out!!! This harvest is amazing!!!

    • Aww you’re sweet! 🙂 I attribute much of it to luck! I just feel a bit clueless in this second planting and what to do differently for the fall/winter garden. I’ll stop back by your blog with future questions, thanks!


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