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So, I’m Kind-of a Farm Girl..

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I haven’t talked too much on here yet about what it is I do (besides crocheting/crafting). Well, it may surprise you, but I actually work on a horse ranch! (in the middle of San Diego!)

image (29)



Yes, this picture is taken from the roof of my house, overlooking the ranch Smile





I am from a small town in MN, near Fargo ND(yes like the movie). Some of my family are grain farmers, so I grew up helping out on the farm, working in the fields driving combine, and of course – taking care of the horses! I loved horses from an early age (then again, what girl doesn’t). But that love never changed as I grew up, and by college I knew that I wanted a career working with horses.

 image (1)









Circa 1998                                                               2011


Moving to CA meant leaving those horses I loved dearly, so I knew I had to find a place here to, as I call it, get my horse-fix! And even better, I found it in a paying job, with an available house to rent!

IMG_2907 IMG_3181

So now I look out my window and see horses AND I just walk to work!  definitely win-win for me!

image (30)IMG_1690image (9)







I love my job and feel lucky everyday to be able to do it. I mean, look at my daily view! (yep, that’s the hubs, learning to ride!)

image (26)

  IMG_3684image (4)









Question for readers: What were you passionate about when you were younger that has stuck with you to now?


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